Monday, August 20, 2012

The Hatfield Family & Adoption Event: Living Tree Jamboree | Kansas City Lifestyle & Pinup Photographer

Being a new mom has brought a whole new perspective to my life. Boogers are now interesting and funny. I look at poop in ways I never knew were possible. Sleep is a relative term and my day hinges on the smile of a 7 week old baby boy. Having my baby has changed everything. Loving him and caring for him has brought a depth to my life that I never knew existed! I can't imagine the world without him and I can't even fathom the idea of him being unloved by anyone. We are blessed to be able to have our little man and he is blessed to be in a family that loves him so much (extended family included!) It breaks my heart to know that there are children out there that aren't so lucky and loving families out there waiting years to hold these little ones in their arms.

Meet the Hatfield's. There is Tabatha, or as her friends call her, Tabby. A loving wife & mother, amazing crafter and fantastic friend. I met her through our small group at Restore Community Church. I remember thinking as I walked in her front door that she and her husband would have to be amazingly sweet to let 16 strangers in to talk about their lives and Jesus in her living room. Not to mention, she is beyond generous, with EVERYTHING she has. Look around our living room and you'll see at least three items that once belonged to her son Colby (including a freakin' sweet baby swing-Emmett's fave). Then there's Jeremy-a strong father and a great listener and encourager! Everywhere I see Colby, his daddy is next to him, or should I say under him, while Colby sits on top of his daddy's shoulders. And of course, there is the adorable Colby, who is sweet in every way-a reflection of his amazing parents.

Why are you meeting the Hatfields? And what does this have to do with children and parenthood? Well, the Hatfield family is growing by one more member and they're adding this child through adoption. Tabby and Jeremy have been on a waiting list since September of 2011 to bring home a child from Russia into their loving family. To quote Tabby,
"It is such a long process and it is hard to digest that when all you want is to love a child and you know there are thousands that are just waiting patiently for someone to come get them. " 

I can barely stand waiting in the grocery store checkout line. I cannot imagine being at the mercy of an adoption agency waiting to see if your little one is ready for all the love that you have to give them.
 "The biggest challenge with adoption, whether it be domestic or international is the financial barriers."

When Tabby told me she was holding an event for their adoption funds, I immediately responded with "let me do something!" Now, I don't have many skills in terms of event planning nor am I an awesome crafter. I can barely hold scissors correctly (note the scar in between my thumb and index finger). But the one thing I can absolutely do is... come on now... use a camera. ;)

I wasn't exactly sure how to utilize this skill for Tabby's Adoption Event, called The Living Tree Jamboree, which takes place THIS THURSDAY August 23rd at the Belvoir Winery in Liberty, MO. But after talking to Tabby, we figured it out. I will have both a Foxy Pinup Session and a Creative Lifestyle Session in her silent auction and I took the photos they will have displayed at their event-some of which are displayed in this blog post.

"For those of you wondering how much adoption cost, you can just look at a price tag of a brand new sedan at any local dealership.  This is a ballpark figure without travel expenses or medical coverage that is sometimes requested to be paid by the adoptive families."

The Living Tree Jamboree is an event open to everyone and anyone that has a heart for adoption. Tickets are only $25 and absolutely all proceeds go to the Hatfield's Adoption Fund. The Event schedule is as follows:

Belvoir Winery, Liberty MO
H’orderves, Doorprizes, Full cash bar, Belvoir wine tasting, fun photo booth style portraits, silent auction, and live music!Social Hour 7-8
Live Music Featuring: Run With It 8-930
Silent Auction Ends at 830.

Alan, Emmett and I will be there. You'll catch us dancing to Run With It and loving on the fact that our night of fun and ticket purchase has gone to such a great cause.

I also wanted to do something else for the Hatfield's to help raise funds. They are looking to get 75 people in to this event! Anyone that purchases a ticket after reading this blog post (you can purchase a ticket by clicking here) will receive a $50 Gift Certificate to Hilary Hope Photography. Just let me know you purchased it after reading this!

Yes, blog readers. Make a $25 donation to the Hatfield's Adoption Fund by purchasing a ticket to the Living Tree Jamboree, receive a $50 credit with me. To use on Whatever You Want. :)

"There is not a price tag in the world that should try to stop the heart of an adoptive parent."

Together we CAN make a difference in the lives of one another. We can make a difference in the life of an orphaned child that we have never met! 

Let's bring the Hatfield's home a Child 
From Russia With Love! 

all the love in the world,

h i l a r y  h o p e