Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Our Foxy Pinup Giveway Winners | Kansas City Pinup & Boudoir Photographer

We had a lot of entries into our Foxy Pinup Session Giveaway in December, and I read a lot of entries that were just fantastic! Seriously, it's so great to hear about strong women in our society-ones that show courage in the face of adversity. It was our mission to give a special woman, one who had an especially hard year but kept pushing forward, and her best friend a great session full of Foxy Pinup pampering for free! The winners of our Foxy Pinup Session Giveaway were Brandi and Stefanie!

Brandi was nominated by Stefanie and her entry was very moving. Brandi lost her fiance last year in a work related accident and Stefanie is the one who introduced them. After meeting Brandi, I can easily see why Stefanie nominated her. Brandi is so upbeat and FUN!! She had a smile on her face from the moment she walked through our doors. What a sweetheart! And by the way, Stefanie is totally kick-butt as well! Aside from her sweet attitude, she is in the military! Thank you for your service, Stefanie!

Brandi and Stefanie both participate in the Polar Plunge. This is the event in which awesomely brave people dive into FREEZING cold water to help raise money for special olympics. (Cold water frightens me, haha...but seriously). Brandi also helps organize Relay for Life-one of the organizations I love-that raises and donates money to the American Cancer Society.

I speak for both Amanda and I when I say that it was an honor to have met you both! Thank you for letting us capture a little of who you both are, and for being an inspiration to women everywhere! You girls rock!


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Cha-Cha-Cha-Cha-Cha-Changes! | New in 2012

We are going to cover a lot of material in this blog post, so I'm just going to start it off with our January Facebook Giveaway. Our Giveaway for January is a $50 gift certificate to do with whatever you please! All you have to do is follow the "share" steps on the Facebook page to share this lovely photo of Jessica in your newsfeed and you are automatically entered into the drawing! You must share using the "share" button on Facebook so that I see it in the feed! Also, make sure the "share" is public, otherwise I can't see your name in the posts on who shared the photo. For instructions and to pull up the photo, click here

As David Bowie would say...

This year is going to bring about MAJOR changes at Hilary Hope Photography! First of all, incase you didn't know, Alan and I are expecting a little one on July 3rd!

We are really really happy!

And also, a little scared....

(I look great with my nostrils flaring, don't I?)

So obviously, the baby is going to bring about a lot of changes in our lives, as well as my business. The biggest change regarding HHP is that the Foxy Pinup Groupon from August of last year now expires 6/20/12 instead of 8/15/12. We sent out an email through Groupon regarding this change 6 months in advance for the ladies out there that haven't redeemed their Groupon yet. You are also welcomed to return and refund your Groupon as well! You can do that at If you have questions, don't be afraid to ask me!

A second change to the business is regarding scheduled time. This really wont affect you guys as much as it does me. I've reached the point where it is hard for me to get up and down-which means it's harder for me to show ladies "legs up," "not for you," and "I'm so cute" without getting out of breath. (Honestly-I think it's because this child is going to be a giant!) What this means for you guys is that we will no longer be taking up to 11 appointments per week (up to 3 per day). We instead will be doing up to 4 appointments in a week. This helps both me and you-you get a better experience with a non-cranky limber pregnant lady who can definitely get you your photos in a timely manner!

Another schedule change is that instead of having appointments on Tuesday at 9am and at 12:30pm, we will be switching those segmented times to 4pm. The rest of our time slots will remain the same.

One of our biggest changes will be on our Facebook Page. Due to a lot of issues I had this year with Facebook images, I wanted to simplify it. We will still post photos on our Facebook page, though it will just be a little different. We will no longer be posting "previews" of images in albums on our page in the format we have been doing for the past year. Instead, any image you purchase from us you will also receive a digital copy to post on whatever social networking site you want. This will effectively eliminate the shopping cart option of purchasing social network images-giving you an extra $35 value for each photo you purchase. The digital copy will come on a customized flash drive with HHP written on the side. This is both for pinups and for creative sessions. 

If you have purchased images from me that you would like to see on your Facebook page in 2012 from 2011, please email me. I will email you a digital copy of your file for you to post. A reminder about these particular digital files-they are sized exclusively for Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter, so they are not print ready images. We still retain the copyright for all of your photographs. 

We are introducing Giant Metal Cover Wedding Albums! Choose Aluminescence, for that chic transparent, aluminum base that will allow the metal to show through or choose Brilliant, for a bright, clear glossy base that will showcase your image while maintaining true white and brilliant color that pops! For the back, spine, and protective corners choose from our great lineup of stylish leathers and synthetics, such as embossed crocodile, hot metallic, luxurious opal or thick distressed leathers. I am stoked beyond stoked after seeing these in person. Totally amazing and I am so glad that we are able to add these for our awesome clients!

You will still be able to shop directly from our website! Instead of being live for 60 days (excluding weddings) all events and pinups will be live for 30. You may extend your webshow for another month for $25. If you'd still like to extend your webshow after that, you can for $25/two week increments.

2012 is the year of Giveaways for us! We will be having a giveaway contest once a month for the whole year on Facebook, Twitter and exclusively for people that follow This Blog! We will also be doing numerous benefits, much like last years' Bassett & Beagle Rescue Pet Pinups! If you have an organization that you would like us to fundraise towards, please email

Finally, our blog will look and feel a little different towards the end of this month. It's my personal resolution to write more on this blog about the different things we had you guys vote on in December! It turns out our readers (You wonderful People!) would love to hear about LOTS of different things going on in and around KC, fashion updates along with creative DIY ideas and updates on baby B! I'm going to make it happen for you guys and I'm really excited about it!

As always, thank you so much for letting me capture a little of who you are!

Lots of Love,