Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Our Foxy Pinup Giveway Winners | Kansas City Pinup & Boudoir Photographer

We had a lot of entries into our Foxy Pinup Session Giveaway in December, and I read a lot of entries that were just fantastic! Seriously, it's so great to hear about strong women in our society-ones that show courage in the face of adversity. It was our mission to give a special woman, one who had an especially hard year but kept pushing forward, and her best friend a great session full of Foxy Pinup pampering for free! The winners of our Foxy Pinup Session Giveaway were Brandi and Stefanie!

Brandi was nominated by Stefanie and her entry was very moving. Brandi lost her fiance last year in a work related accident and Stefanie is the one who introduced them. After meeting Brandi, I can easily see why Stefanie nominated her. Brandi is so upbeat and FUN!! She had a smile on her face from the moment she walked through our doors. What a sweetheart! And by the way, Stefanie is totally kick-butt as well! Aside from her sweet attitude, she is in the military! Thank you for your service, Stefanie!

Brandi and Stefanie both participate in the Polar Plunge. This is the event in which awesomely brave people dive into FREEZING cold water to help raise money for special olympics. (Cold water frightens me, haha...but seriously). Brandi also helps organize Relay for Life-one of the organizations I love-that raises and donates money to the American Cancer Society.

I speak for both Amanda and I when I say that it was an honor to have met you both! Thank you for letting us capture a little of who you both are, and for being an inspiration to women everywhere! You girls rock!



  1. Thank you so much Hillary. This was an awesome experience!!!! And so much fun. Still having a hard time wiping the smile off my face.
    You and Amanda totally rock!

    I've been telling all my friends about it.

    1. I am so glad you had fun, Brandi!! That makes me so happy!!! :D You and Stefanie are simply amazing. We loved having you!! <3

  2. Hilary, your pinup photos are so fun! By the way, I'm the Mary who was at small group last week (without my husband b/c he works nights). I clicked over here from your email and was excited to see that you're a blogger as well as a photographer! :)

    1. Hey Mary!!! :D It's so great to see you on here! Yes, I am a blogger too-but I feel like I need to do a better job! hahah. I am excited to see you at small group next week! And thank you so much for the compliment!! :D I can live on a good compliment for weeks on end! <3