Saturday, March 30, 2013

Kitten Pants O'Malley | Kansas City Pinup & Boudoir Photographer

Happy Easter Everyone!!!! :D


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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Photography: It's about who we photograph

Photography: It's about who we photograph. 

Our job as photographers is to help narrate the events that happen all around us. We are story tellers. We are time stoppers. We are life's moment collectors, appointed with this task of loving people with our lens! Photography has never been about me as the photographer.

I see posts all the time that say that photography is about the photographer. It gets me frustrated, because I have never thought once that my job is about me. It kind of sells us all out to say that! It's always been about who I'm photographing; who I'm trying to love on and make feel special. It's about those moments we capture; when we are so excited we can't help but smile because we KNOW we caught the beautiful person's personality in front of us. At least that's what I think. So I made this. ;)

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Foxy Pinups FAQ

What is a Foxy Pinup Session?

A Foxy Pinup Session is a photo shoot that evokes your inner diva! It's totally sexy, completely vintage, and simply the bee's knees!

What happens during your shoot?

You are totally pampered! Our hairdresser Amanda works with you to figure out your perfect pinup hairstyle. When your hair is finished, a vintage makeup look is applied. Then you get to raid our closet! We have tons of dresses, skirts, shoes, and sexy little things to choose from. After you've put your outfit on, we put you infront of the mirror for the big reveal. There you are-a sexy blast from the past! When you're ready for your close up, Hilary gives it to you. You receive pinup coaching with each pose and you get to release your inner vixen for the camera!

How does Hilary edit these foxy photos?

Hilary works tirelessly on your photographic perfection. Your pictures are airbrushed with gentle cellulite removal while keeping your original body shape. You pick the photos to edit and you're in complete control of what is edited away or put in. The pictures will definitely be you at your very best. The celebrities get this treatment and Hilary is determined for you to get it too!

What products are available exclusively for our Pinup Gals?

On top of amazing matte photo prints, we offer our pinup girls vintage 12 month (13 photo) pin-up calendars! Each one is customized completely for you! We also offer Little Black Books, Vinyl Posters, Custom iPhone Cases, and Genuine Leather Albums to keep for yourself or to share with your sexy someone. 

To book your session, visit our Facebook Page, website, or call (708) 498-HOPE today! 

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Foxy Pinups Perfected: Highlighting The Eyes with Lighting

I'm starting a Saturday series of blog posts and I am SUPER excited about it. 

(You all know me though-it doesn't take too much to get me excited!!!) 

I'm calling it "Foxy Pinups Pefected" and each blog will talk about things to look for when choosing, and also photographing, beautiful pinup models.

Without further adu... Blog Number 1, Commence!

If you guys were nerdy like me in high school and drew cartoon characters all over your Lisa Frank spirals, then bare with me! In those cartoon drawings, I would always draw in a little white bubble or two in the eyeballs. I'm sure you guys drew it too without even realizing it! You were drawing one of the most essential tools in highlighting your subject's eyes; a catch light. 

Wikipedia define's Catchlight or catch light as:
a light source that causes a specular highlight in a subject's eye in an image.[1] They are also referred to as eye lights or Obies, the latter a reference to Merle Oberon, who was frequently lit using this technique. 

With pinup photography, because of the style you're emulating, you always want to have catch lights present and reflected in your subject's eyes. This adds dimension and depth to the eye and also let's you know that the lighting is correct on your subject's face. I went ahead and pointed out the catch light below in the gorgeous Laura's eyes.

To make sure a catch light is present in your subject's eyes, look to your light source. Here in our studio, our fill light is named "Phil" and we use him for catch lights in our Foxy Pinup girl's eyes. We have Phil located off to the right and slightly behind the photographer. 

When shooting your subject, be aware of where your fill light is in regards to their eyes. Always be thinking about your subject's brow and eye shape. Someone with deep set eyes will need the fill to be more centered behind the photographer and their chins lifted slightly higher to get that same catch light effect rather than someone with wide set eyes or almond shaped eyes. 

To me, having catch lights present in Pinup Photographs separates the professionals from amateurs.

When your subject doesn't have light reflected back in her eyes you have....


Have no fear! Now that you know about catch lights you can:

1. As a pinup photographer, figure out how to make catch lights work for your images

2. As a client, choose a pinup photographer that understand this concept.



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