Monday, December 23, 2013

My New Year's Resolutions (Part 1)

I want to make the world a better place in 2014.

Seems simple enough. I could just be awesome, punch enough Today's in the face, and go on about my merry way until 2015 comes and I make a new resolution. Except...
...except "making the world a better place" is a terrible goal. 

Whoa now, Hilary-are you wishing for violence and hail storms upon humanity? No. No freakin' way. But "making the world a better place" is a terrible goal because it's abstract, without a direct line of what that means and how to accomplish it, I'll never get there.

Last year's resolution was such a good one for me. I was specific in what I wanted. 

"To make myself better by living without fear, getting out of the hole Postpartum Obsessive Compulsive Disorder & Depression left me in." 

Great! How was I going to do that?

1. Make seeing a counselor a priority. Take everything she said and implement it. Learn absolutely all I could about myself and improve  on it..

2. I read this quote on pinterest, "Exercise is the most underutilized antidepressant in the whole world." So, since everything on pinterest MUST be true (& colorful, addicting, & delicious), I thought that might be a good one to try. Plus, if I did work out, the benefits would go above and beyond with my fitness levels. If a situation ever arose where someone needed giant boulders moved, maybe I could be the impressive one to lift such rocks. (Yay, Hilary! You're so strong! The crowd goes wild! Ahhhhhh!!!)

3. With my photography business, I hadn't tracked my numbers well in 2012, and I really wanted to get freedom out of my photography to contribute to my feeling of helplessness I battled so much with the Postpartum issues.  So, I decided to set work goals to keep me focused. Track the business and make the dollas holla with the ultimate goal of doubling our gross income in 2013. 

Boom. 2013 resolution made.

1. Saw this fabulous woman, who helped me understand so much about Postpartum OCD, and ways to deal with the terrible anxiety ridden days, that I could not be happier today. My life is a life of adventure again and a life of fearlessness. (And if you're currently struggling with Postpartum OCD, it is not uncommon. Talk to someone because you are NOT alone! I know now I wasn't-even when I thought I was.)

2. Worked out 4-5 days a week for the majority of 2013 (excluding the past few weeks where being preggo has prevented a few workouts via puking). I lost 30 pounds-added bonus-but I gained confidence and endorphins that helped me approach my challenges fearlessly. Oh, and I ran my first ever 5K. (Shout out to Fit For Mom, a fabulous workout program I used to help me stay on target). 

The first photo was my first ever before photo-but even at that time, I had begun working out regularly & consistantly since February. This photo shows a 30lb weight loss difference. Oh, and the most important part, a happier Hilary.
First Ever 5K Run! 

3. We didn't just double our photo studio gross income. We increased it by 260%. That's not a typo. 260%!!! AND we tripled our Christmas sales. We donated Foxy Pinup session gift certificates to The Pitbull Gala, & Autism Awareness silent auctions and we started our Breast Cancer Scholarship Fund, where women fighting breast cancer can come in for a Foxy Pinup Session & order whatever they want, completely for FREE! (Sign up here. Or make a calendar purchase to help!)

Yay for Foxy Pinups!

So, last year, I had a great resolution. It was one that I broke down into a mission statement, and executed with gazelle-like intensity. Step by step implementation is the key to completing a New Year's resolution, as is making sure your goal is attainable and specific. 

But what about 2014, Hilary?


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