Sunday, September 25, 2011

Brian + Brie Holst: Facebook Giveaway Winners! | Kansas City Lifestyle Photographer in Westport

Brie and Brian are the winners from our 1,000 Likes Facebook Contest Giveaway! In case you didn't see what we gave away and how we did it, feel free to give this youtube video a look:

This was Brie's entry in to the contest:

Because my husband and I will be married for two years in September. We had a immediate family only ceremony in our dining room. We have never had any pictures taken and even put off our honeymoon until I graduate next summer. This would be an awesome anniversary celebration.

I am so happy it was these two that won the contest. What a FUN couple! I mean really-they are super fun! They brought mustaches with to their session and chest bumped in a couple of frames. They even clicked heels for the camera! I smiled through their whole session right along with them :)

We started off in Westport walking down Pennsylvania, making sure to stop inside the photo booth next to the Dark Horse bar. As we rounded the corner of Westport Road, I couldn't help but stop inside of all the beautiful alleyways and doorways for a quick snap of the shutter. Westport is so historic, colorful, and lively! It matched Brie and Brian's personalities perfectly.

I absolutely LOVED the time of day we choose for the session. The sunsetting is so gorgeous! I feel like all our backlighting photos turned out great. The sun coming through trees in the alleyway is one of my all time favorite pictures! I also love the photos I deemed "the notebook" worthy. Those are the ones where Brian is holding up Brie at the waist and the sun is just shining so brightly behind them. The mustache pictures also made it onto my list of all time favorites! So much personality these two have. I am honored to have captured a little of who they are!

Feel free to listen to this while enjoying a little bit of Brie and Brian's Session. You guys are absolutely beautiful together!

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