Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday Bloggin' Funday | In the Life of a Kansas City Photographer

I saw a ton of people hashtag #sundayfunday on twitter, so I figured I'd use it in my blog post today.

Also, I really like fun days. I try to make every event as fun as possible.

So does my husband, especially when we get our pictures taken.

I haven't done a personal post on here in a very long time-since I started this blog last summer. That's lame. I know that I should be writing on here about interesting things happening in my life, my business's life, and about all the different topics you guys voted on through Facebook! Especially since that was in my New Year's Resolution. 

It is with this realization that I deem Sundays to be Bloggin' Fundays! 

Yes, yes. Indeed.

On Sundays, I will tell you something neat I did, a cool thing happening in KC I attended, or ridiculous adventure I had over the weekend with friends, family or strangers that became friends.

So, since I didn't prepare this Sunday with appropriate photography of said weekend, I don't have much to report. This is what I have pictures of, though!

Amanda Adams changed my hair color from a faded red (5 inches of roots people!!) to a really pretty red with blonde highlights. I love it! 

My husband Alan baked me an apple pie as well-his first apple pie in the history of his life. 

Pretty cool!

(That's our dog Harley behind him. I know tons of you were praying for our puppy! Thank you so so much for the love. Harley just got over a 4 day stay at Crest Animal Hospital and is doing SUPER great!)

It might seem hard to believe, but we DID have a more eventful weekend then this. I just don't have pictures of it. Next week, next week... 

I will definitely have something interesting to tell you and I wont forget to take pictures!

And with that, I bid thee goodnight.

Lots and lots of love,

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