Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Positive Talk Time [Talking to Photogs]

Usually my lunch break is full of fun family photography blog reading, a cookie, possibly a number 1 from Jimmy Johns, and a little dose of positive. But today I've found myself reading some pretty negative photography posts out there on the internets. So I'm taking it on myself to boost today with a little positivity.

I know why this negativity is out there- right now we photographers are stressed! (Let's make this jump-the general populous is totally stressed out right now). People are running to and from work, Christmas shopping, making gingerbread people with perfect button noses, frosted feet and gumdrop buttons. (Confession? Mine somehow never make it on to the poor cookied dude...they end up in my tummy waaaaay beforehand). 

Then there is the professional photographer group-we're working on orders, deadlines, forgetting to eat. Glaring at a computer screen for hours on end can make you downtrodden...  It can be hard to keep things in perspective.

But here is something you need to remember as a photographer and business owner in this stressful season. You get to do what you love! You get to interact daily with your beautiful clients! You are BLESSED with this opportunity to provide for your family by doing something you love.

My little man and me! Photo c/o Blooming Images

Now what I'm about to tell you will change your business if you let it! 

I'm talking to all the photographers and business owners out there, here it is: 

Be Happy with your Business.

If you aren't happy, you either need to change something or get an attitude adjustment. Don't sit and stir in unhappiness because unhappiness breeds bitterness, which leads to anger, which leads to... the dark side.

And that's not good for anyone, especially your business, your clients, and Skywalker.

I love you! You can do this!

hilary hope bloomquist
over & out.


  1. I love this... I certainly needed it. The end of the semester is stressful as a full time student trying to plan a trip to the Czech Republic in the spring!

  2. Amen sister! I am super stressed, but I am also so grateful to be so busy and supported by my community. You are a rad chick.