Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Briana + Steve | Kansas City, MO River Market + City Market Photographer

Talk about an absolutely wonderful couple's shoot! Briana and Steve are the winners from our Facebook giveaway contest we held in May. They won this whole shoot and an 8 x 10 for free! (If you don't "like" us on Facebook-you should! We do contests all the time and you can win stuff too!)

Our session started in Steve and Briana's beautiful River Market Apartment. I loved the exposed brick wall, giant windows, and fantastic furniture! They had the most amazing low back couch that worked great for formal shots (and for funny-serious ones too). I even got to take photos of the most adorable cats in the world, Murs and Hegel! Hegel is the fluffy guy and Murs is the orange and agile one. It was interesting to see the differences with Hegel and Murs' personalities. Hegel was all about lounging whereas Murs was all action. Murs was so funny, actually! In the window he kept on switching up his poses. I got tons of favorites of the cats.

After formals and family shots were done in the apartment, we moved outside to the beautiful City Market/River Market area, where what Steve called the "Neighborhood Garage Sale" was going on. Whatever it was, it was cool. There were so many people moving back and forth. I thought it was the perfect backdrop for Briana and Steve! My all time favorite shot is one of the ones below, where Steve and Briana are just looking at each other and smiling with KC as the backdrop. Their love is such a fantastic and beautiful one! I am honored to have been able to photograph such amazing people.

I chose "Home" as a song to listen to while flipping through this sneak peak. It's always on the radio here in KC, and I know that Briana and Steve just moved back here from Milwaukee, so I thought it was a good fit :) Feel free to listen while reviewing Briana and Steve's session!

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