Tuesday, October 25, 2011

FEATURED BLOG: Kara Masters | St. Joseph's, Missouri Photographer

Kara is beautiful. There is no denying how gorgeous her smile is, how sweet her eyes are, and how amazing her loving personality radiates throughout her being. I love her! And I've only known her for a very short time.

Kara came into our studio for Foxy Pinup Photos and heard about our Kansas City Model Search. She applied, and I knew as soon as I received her application that she was just what I was looking for. (It helped too, that she was completely model ready during her Foxy Pinup Session. Her Kitten face was to die for!). I knew she'd be a perfect model for our Kansas City Search.

A few weeks ago on a lovely September evening, we went to Krug Park in St. Joseph's, MO to shoot our Bohemian themed session. The result of our creative time together is as follows. We went from columnar castle, to duck pond, to Japanese garden with shutter click after shutter click. We even discovered the brown recluse. I still chuckle when I say that to myself, Kara!

I am so proud, and honored to have these photos that Kara and I took together. She is quite the model and I am so happy to have been a part of this session with her.

Thank you for being so Amazing, Kara!

Feel free to give this a listen while looking through the photos of the sweetheart known as Kara Masters.
Click to enlarge the photos in our slideshow for less pixelation! :)

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