Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Marilyn & Madalyn | Vintage Photography in Chicagoland, Kansas City Photographer

When Marilyn came over to visit my sister on Friday, she had no idea she would be modeling in a session with my sister. In fact, I had no idea it was happening either! Madalyn (my favorite little model ever) came up to me and asked me for a photoshoot of her and Marilyn-which NEVER happens. Madalyn-though gorgeous as ever, claims to hate to have her picture taken...


...So, as soon as she asked, I knew this was going to be simply the most amazing session ever! Marilyn loves everything vintage (and so do I! and so does Maddy!) Marilyn went home and grabbed some awesome stuff, like her grandpa's old camera and her pretty white dress. We raided Maddy's closet for some shoes, which of course, perfectly coordinated with Marilyn's outfit. Then we raided my suitcase for shoes for Maddy, which worked perfectly with the dress Liz Medema had just gave me for pinups. I did both Maddy and Marilyn's makeup and hair and we went to town!

Believe it or not, the area in the photographs is behind my parents' fence. When we were little (and when Madalyn was a baby) my dad had planted these teeny tiny trees in the backyard there. Now they're huge and are the perfect backdrop for this kind of photo session.

I completely love photographing Madalyn's friends and Maddy. I'm not sure if this is because I'm still a 15 year old girl at heart or if they're just all the most beautiful girls ever, but really-it's probably both reasons. Marilyn and Madalyn shined throughout this shoot and I had the best time there. Here are a few of the photographs! Feel free to listen while you look <3

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