Friday, August 12, 2011

The Strid Sisters | Kansas City Photographer in Chicagoland

The Strid Sisters are absolutely fantastic people! We had the best time last Thursday evening during their sibling session in Orland Park. I know Stephanie, the oldest of the three, through Winter One Acts at Lewis University. When she contacted me about doing photos of her and her sisters for a family gift, I jumped at the chance!

Stephanie, Penelope and Victoria looked fantastic the whole session through, even in the extremely hot weather. These girls were all vogue! Seriously, anyone of them could be models. I really mean that! They're gorgeous! They were coming up with the best posing ideas and so great at communicating what they wanted. It made my job easy! They even brought props. Seriously, this session was all creativity, on both the girls end and on mine! I absolutely LOVED all the photos! Below are just a few of my favorites :)

If you'll notice, there is a pretty sweet tea set in the picnic photos. The tea cups belonged to the girls' Aunt who recently passed away. I loved that they used them in their photographs! I also loved how each of the girls was wearing a color coordinating hue! They thought out everything-it was completely awesome.

(I have to say, probably one of my favorite things that happened during the session, besides our awesome photo-ing, was when I put my sunglasses on over my nerdy glasses and Stephanie said she did the same exact thing. Yessssss!!! Hahah. )

I know the girls like Taylor Swift, so without further a-du, feel free to listen and browse!

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