Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mike M | Kansas City Photographer in Chicagoland

I love Mike Mockovak. Really, everyone does. Mike is completely and wonderfully unique. I swear, he is probably the most individual of individuals I've ever met in my lifetime. He's just one of those people you feel like you've known forever! Though I totally know where and when I met Mike-my first week at Lewis University back in 2006. Since then, it's been a beautiful friendship. I was honored when this Chicago Police Officer asked me to take his photographs during my trip in!

When Mike showed up with his completely tailored box of clothes from Trunk Love, I immediately knew this session was going to be super fun! It's not everyday I get to help style a guy for photographs. I think he looked absolutely fantastic in his denim shirt and faded jeans. This particular outfit really popped when we made it to the park by the Old Orland Library. The green and blues looked fantastic with Mike's handsome eyes.

By this time on the blog, you guys can probably tell that Orland Park is a railroad town, judging by all the train tracks. We took advantage of those tracks during Mike's session as well! His colorful checkered shirt looked fantastic agains the bronze track colors. Even the rock gravel from the tracks played a roll in the backdrop of Mike's session.

What I especially fell in love with during Mike's shoot was how laid back it was. Mike let me try tons of different things with my lighting and with posing. He was so trusting in everything I did with him that it was probably one of the most relaxed sessions I've ever had. It was just a pleasure to photograph this photogenic dude.

Here are a few photos that I thought would be great to show for his sneak peak! Feel free to listen and browse.

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